Viva Football...

Football... the most popular game in the world!
Football is mania, football is passion, football is love, football is fun, football is everything!

The game of football has its followers all over the world. In fact, it is no wonder that the world cup qualifying matches witness participation of countries in more numbers than the members of the United Nations!
In India too, football is followed like a passion. The love for the game is seeing a phenomenal growth among football fans season after season, year after year.

Viva Football is a monthly football magazine which aims to provide a platform to this football fan network. From news, views, reviews to anything and everything related to football, Viva Football will explore all facets of football.
Viva Football will bring to you all the latest developments from the football world. Viva Football magazine will provide you with coaching aspects, skills, fitness, nutrition and scouting tips from the experts to enhance your knowhow and nurture a football culture within you.

With special inside stories and postcards from football loving writers across the globe, Viva Football will be the ultimate football guide for all football lovers.

Think of football... think of us!
We bring to you, Viva Football…
A magazine for the football lovers, from the football lovers…